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The Mirrored Mind in Meditation

A view of ourselves through the reflection of relationship

Over the weekend, a spiritual mentor that I highly respect sent me an email. It was a very thought-provoking and beautifully written letter. I found myself musing over its content. Particularly the heart-felt examination of how our relationships are there as “sort of mirrors.” So we can “see” ourselves. Lately, in conversations with others, I am beginning to find that this as a defining aspect of a relationship is taking hold. It has profound meaning. Is it why we share ourselves with others? Is it the longing to know ourselves through relationship? What do we learn? We may never quite know how to maintain a relationship, nor how to uphold companionship, but we certainly and sometimes unwillingly do see ourselves in the mirror of that relationship.

In continuing the theme of the stillness of mind and in it, the revealing of self-awareness, I am posting this piece entitled “The Mirrored Mind in Meditation.”


One response

  1. Hi, Walter!
    I’m so glad to finally make the time to visit here and enjoy the wonderful blog you have going!

    This is my favorite of your posts so far (although I love ALL of the images!), because it addresses the thoughts I’ve been having about your “Ivory Tower” post…

    The mirror analogy is so profound and accurate… when I read the Tower post I was trying to find the words that are just now coming… The world is full of confusing lessons, shadows in the mirror. I’m still working through learning to know when… When to face directly the lessons that I find distasteful, and when to observe a little and turn away for a while in order to process.

    The closest I’ve come to an answer so far is to pay attention to when I feel a “negative” emotion (one that disturbs my energy), and try to focus on the emotion, and how and why it affects me, rather than focusing on elements which *appear* to be outside of me, and *appear* to be causing distress…

    I try to look at it as filing away temporarily rather than avoidance… “I’ll get back to that eventually.”

    I find this gives me space and allows me to set up some boundaries when the world seems overwhelmingly confusing. And usually, something new appears soon, that helps me to fit the pieces together. What do you think?

    This site is a wonderful medium for you! Thank you so much for sharing yourself 🙂

    Sending a hug and a wish for a Happy New Year!

    January 10, 2011 at 4:19 pm

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